Tutoring is provided to TRIO Scholar participants only.

Note: Drop-In hours only
RSVP for drop-ins will be an option for students who wish to share slides, notes, etc. with tutors before their visit. (Highly encouraged)

RSVP for Tutoring Here:

Krishna Patel, Math/Physics –https://trioscholartutor1.youcanbook.me/

“Hello! I am Krishna Patel. I am a fourth-year chemical engineering and double chemistry major. Over the last two years, I have taken many math courses that I have excelled in. I have enjoyed studying for those classes, and I will be more than happy to help you with such courses. I love playing tennis during the weekends, working out to relieve stress, etc. Please approach me if you have any trouble with your classes.”

Hayk Ghazaryan, Writing/Math/ Physics, Writing – https://trioscholartutor3.youcanbook.me/

“Hi! I’m Hayk Ghazaryan and one of the TRIO Tutors for Math, Physics, and Writing. I joined the TRIO team to make a positive impact at UCI. I will be tutoring for the 2017-18 school year, so please check out my hours below. You can make an appointment below, or simply drop by during my hours.”

Fatemah Sarsak – Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) – https://trioscholartutor4.youcanbook.me/

“My name is Fatemah Sarsak, and I am a fourth-year chemistry major here at UCI. I enjoy fencing, drawing, and listening to music during my spare time. I also love chemistry and the challenges it brings. I hope I can be a resource to you that helps break obstacles standing in the way of achieving a greater understanding of certain topics. I also hope I can show you how rewarding and fun chemistry can be.”


*For tutoring at SSI please visit our office (upstairs)

**Room 1002 is located in Student Services II (downstairs)

*** If you are not able to find the tutor please ask at the front desk of Student Success Initiatives

****Tutoring is offered Week 1 through Week 10. NO TUTORING DURING FINALS WEEK.