Peer Tutors

TRIO Peer Tutors have the opportunity to make an important contribution towards the academic success of our scholars through Drop In tutorial session and one-on-one appointments. The TRIO tutors provide academic support, study skills and tips for our scholars in various academic disciplines, such as: Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Statistics, and Writing.

Tutoring is offered Week 1 through Week 10. For tutoring, please visit our office at Student Success Initiatives. It is highly encouraged that TRIO Scholars make an appointment for one-on-one tutoring sessions. However, drop-ins are also an option for students.


Bitmoji Cartoon Image of Tutor Jazmin

Jazmin Arias, TRIO Tutor

General Chemistry, Math 2A/2B/2D/3A/3D, Writing, Study Skills


Bitmoji Cartoon Image of Tutor Sophia

Valery Montinola, TRIO Tutor

Writing, Research, Study Skills