Personal Guides


TRIO Scholars students are assigned a Personal Guide (PG) who is a counselor within Student Success Initiatives upon entering the program. Your counselor will be able to assist you in your transition to UCI and in your own personal development, career exploration, and graduate school preparation and planning.

Your Personal Guide will also be able to help each participant in creating their Roadmap to Success and plan for their academic time at UC Irvine.


New participating students will be provided an Individualized Education Plan – a Roadmap to Success – that will assist them in achieving their academic, personal and career goals. Ultimately, the Roadmap will provide them with a checklist of opportunities to take advantage of and a timeline of services that you should utilize by specific dates throughout each year.

Personal Guides will meet at least once a quarter (3 times a year), with each participant to review the roadmap and assess your study habits, coursework completion, knowledge of academic performance, and contact with faculty.


Hear from our TRIO Scholars on the affirmed benefits of a TRIO Personal Guide!